Patented: Design and Utility.

Glide through airports, campuses, and all other smooth services with hottest and trendiest product on the market.

Speed: 5mph

Weight: 17 pounds

Max Load: 250 pounds

Price: $995.00
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    The Hovertrax is powered by a Sony VC3 Battery, has 2 accelerometers, and 2 gyroscopic sensors. Equipped with feet sensors, the latest firmware, and a 1 year warranty, the Hovertrax is the safest "hoverboard" on the market. Use your Hovertrax to navigate a busy airport or glide through your favorite deparment store.

    Rated Speed: 8km/h

    Mileage: 15km

    Charge time: 1 hour

    Weight: 6.8kg

    Rated load: 90kg

    Balance Detection: 2 gyro sensors + 2 accelerometers

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:


    The new Hovertrax are great and very easy to learn in a few minutes. In comparison to the Solowheel they are slow,but thats the only contra point. (And if you're not riding them/it you can use them/it as weights for Workout) All in all pretty cool.