Two feet, no seat, you're ready to go!

Price: $149.00


    Looking for a nice leg workout? Needing some extra strength in your quads? Or are you simply interested in having a great time with a crazy cool product? Look no further than the Lunicycle! This thing is bound to turn heads.

    Having no seat, the rider is using their whole body to balance and peddle at the same time. The Lunicycle has an oval wheel to assist with initial take off and maintaining momentum. When you're ready to stop, simply slow down and step off the pedal.

    The unique pedal design allows for support through the calf to assist with balance and stability.

    Anyone can ride a Lunicycle! Get yours today!

    Let’s face it: unless you’re a circus performer, learning to ride a unicycle is hard. Sure, we understand the attraction – who wouldn’t want their hands free while riding? You know, for juggling your keys, phone, briefcase and latte. But it takes months or even years to master a traditional unicycle. That’s why we invented the Lunicycle.

    The Lunicycle is pedal-powered, but with the center of gravity low to the ground so that even the klutzy can experience the fun. The specially-designed leg supports add stability and decrease your learning time; as you lean against the supports, your body balances naturally. The pedals are set lower so it’s easier and safer to ride – just step on and off.

    The Lunicycle provides a challenging, eco-conscious workout for just about anyone. For superstars who already know how to ride a unicycle, the Lunicycle expands your unicycling universe with a new option.

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    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
    SF Bay Area

    fun, fun, fun

    I've had my luni for a few days now. While I'm no Kris Holm, I already know how to ride a regular unicycle decently. The lunicycle is something entirely different which I need to learn from scratch. That being said, getting started on it was easy. Looking forward to improving my skill level and learning to mount without holding on to something. The build quality is excellent and the lunicycle itself looks really cool! I've already had a few people inquire where they can get one :)

    Good price and easy to ride

    I am rating this a four because the Lunicycle is easy to ride and to learn. However the Lunicycle for me seems sort of ocward to ride because of the oval wheel.